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Pumps are precisely machined for heavy duty applications


1. CAT NO : RMI-R-205

    Description : Simple Barrel Pump with locking device 1/2" suction pipe ERW quality in 16  SWG

    Rate Per Pcs : 998.00


2. CAT NO : RMI-R-207

   Description : Barrel pump made stainless steel, used for Pumping & Chemicals from      drums of 200Ltrs.

   Rate Per Pcs : 7684.00



1. CAT NO : RMI-J-3015

    Description : Hand Lever Actions drum pump for oil transfer delivers upto 0.45Ltrs. RPM

    Rate Per Pcs : 1077.00


2. CAT NO : RMI-J-3016

    Description : Lever Oil Pump used for pumping gasoline, Gear Oil, Diesel, Light oil, Kerosene 

   Rate Per Pcs : 1077.00



Barrel Pump and Lever Pump

Excluding Sales Tax
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